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Rely on the trusted services of Andersen Electric, Inc. to provide you with a range of affordable and reliable electric services. Our Portland OR. based Electrical Contracting Company serves commercial, industrial and residential clients across the Pacific Northwest by providing reliable dependable electrical installations with a passion for energy conservation. We’ve been in business, providing our customers with quality services at affordable prices, for more than 15 years.

Contact us for a dependable electrical contractor you can count on at a reasonable price. 

How We Can Help You Save Money

Andersen Electric Inc. can help you save money on your energy costs, installation expenses, and potently costly breakdowns.

To reduce energy costs we provide significant expertise in energy efficient lighting products and energy management systems (EMS).

Our professional staff will reduce your installation costs by providing you accurate cost estimates you can count on and we stand behind. This eliminates project budgeting surprises.

Unexpected breakdowns can be very expensive.  Our conscientious and well trained staff is vigilant about our customers’ safety and equipment reliability, to avoid potential costly electrical system failures. 



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