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Invest in Renewable Energy and SAVE

Andersen Electric Inc. is proud to support renewable energy sources. We present you with a complete return on investment breakdown to show you that investing in solar, retrofit lighting, or wind power can pay your investment back easing you out of rising electric and natural gas prices.

Solar & Lighting

Andersen Electric, Inc.  offers an initial analysis to determine whether light control, retrofit lighting, or adding solar panels will best suit your conservation needs.  With several options available, we can guarantee to help you save our planet and your money.

Net metering is how your system ties in to your electrical utility. Net metering will show you how much energy you are storing in the power grid. This will allow you to track how much power you are generating vs consuming.  Based on how many kilowatts you use, your grid will let you know at the end of every month how much energy you have consumed. We have found that most customers end up paying only 4-8 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Contact us today for your analysis or to learn more about our solar energy options.

Solar Panels

Wind Energy

The Pacific Northwest is a phenomenal area for wind energy, and even small businesses can take advantage of wind turbines. Andersen Electric Inc. can estimate, build, tune, and maintain multiple types of wind turbines that can power your business.

Contact us today to see how a wind turbine can profit your business.